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RETRACTING drawer pet steps

Freedom Retractable Pet Stairs

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Pet Freedom Stairs

Built for the little pups who can’t reach their favorite places, the older pooch that just needs a little boost, and the arthritic, overweight, or surgically limited tail-wagger who simply wants their freedom back.
Our stairs provide the safety and ease that your dog deserves, along with the style and functionality your home shouldn’t have to give up. Our stairs create a shorter rise and longer run naturally decreasing pressure on joints, while assisting dogs already struggling to ascend and descend from high beds or couches. 
Retractable stairs allow us to do this without sacrificing space in the home when not in use. Stairs that are too steep with no depth simply don’t offer the same level of comfort and effectiveness in relieving or preventing stress/joint pain.
The Wider Model allows your dog to reach the same heights easier and safer than ever. Our extended platform step design is perfect for dogs battling arthritis hip dysplasia, recovering from surgery, or just general prevention of injury. A wider base helps to accommodate larger, heavier dogs, giving them more room to operate. 


  • Made to order ships about 3 weeks
  • 3 and 4 step configurations
  • Non-slip finish
  • Holds pets up to 250 lbs 
  • Non skid plastic tips on bottom
  • Hand Crafted in the USA
  • Pine wood Construction


  •   3 steps 18" Depth, 14" Width, 18" Height (closed)

  •  4 steps 19" Depth, 16" Width, 24" Height (closed)

  • Low step incline at a gentle angle helps protect pets joints and allows them to take their time ascending and descending

  • Cabinet Grade wood, modern handles and equipped with carpet for a safe slip resistant step surface

  • Sturdy platform steps allows pets to rest or sit on any of the three steps

  • Wheels allow closed staircase to move to any place in any room

  • Hand made shaker drawer fronts offer a modern look perfect for any home.

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