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eggy side by side bowl feeder - black

Eggy Pet Diner

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Eggy Pet Diner

Imagine feeding your dog from this adorable dog dining station. Your elegant dog will love you for it.

 The Eggy Modern Designer Feeder is just dripping with style and practicality. The Eggy feeder features an easy clean top with a birchwood base that is at home with modern or traditional home decors.  Two bacteria resistant stainless steel bowls easily detach for cleaning via dishwasher or hand. 

 The Eggy was designed to bring food and water closer to your dog. The bowl is laser cut from a single sheet of steel and folded into shape. It’s powder coated finish creates a durable and weather proof product. Anti-slip rubber feet are included for stability and quiet dining.

Size:  15"L x 8" w x 3.5"h

larger 6.5" dia. water dish and smaller  5.5" dia. bowl for food.


  • Acrylic top
  • Birchwood base
  • Powder coated steel legs
  • Stainless Steel bowls
  • Durable and Sustainable
  • Anti Slip Rubber Feet
  • Dishwasher Safe Bowls
  • Made in the USA
  • The EGGY is constructed of a single 3/8″ slab of BirchPly cut to its exact specifications using a CNC tool. The compressed hardwood is known for its appealing side cut, which is given full exposure. 

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