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Tall Raised Bowl Feeder - Mocha

18" Extra Tall Raised Dog Feeder

Regular price $ 99.99

Tall luxury feeder features a 3 Quart stainless steel bowl. Heavy duty frame with stainless steel bowl. Powder coated durable black finish. This raised pet feeder is elevated to help promote healthier digestion in dogs.

Also Available, the Slow Feeding Bowl.  Specially designed dog bowl prevents dogs from gulping. This stainless steel bowl has a raised portion in the center to slow the pace of your dog's eating. Gulping food should be discouraged and can lead to serious health issues. The feed slowing  bowl holds less than 3 quarts, due to design.


  • Optional Placemats - Machine washable.
  • Frame- Made in America / Bowl -India
  • Sturdy Iron dog bowl stand
  • Placemats- Machine Washable -Made in America

Diner Dimensions: 10.5" x 10.5" x 18" tall 

Placemat SpecsStylish Diner Mats designed to complement all diner sizes! These dog bowl mats feature felt-like top and non-skid, waterproof bottom. Machine washable. 

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