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Pet Placemats

Easy to clean dog placemats keep your pet's dining area and floor neater. A large assortment of styles with vibrant graphics and made from no stain materials, these pet place mats keep bowls from moving when they eat and help the food morsels and water contained. Standard sizes and extra large dog dining mats for multiple dog households make dog dining time care-free.


What if my dog chews the placemat?  Our pet feeding mats are made with only non-toxic, hypo-allergenic components. In fact, our backing material (nitrile) is the only flexible product that is approved by the FDA and the U.S. Department of Agriculture for use in food handling! Also, it is virtually impossible for a dog to tear apart one of our mats. They are incredibly strong and flexible. 

My last placemat was destroyed when I put it in the washing machine. 
Those other mats aren't meant to be washed like that! Crumbling, fading, brittleness, and curling all happen when you try to wash an inferior product. Pet placemats from ODH, on the other hand, are washable, and won't fade, crack, peel, discolor, or lose their suppleness and texture!