Outdoor Dog House -Mossy Oak

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Camo Dog House is Rot- Proof

New Age Pet® Mossy Oak® Rustic Lodge™ dog house. Authentic Mossy Oak design.  Popular lodge style with semi flat, shed roof.  Great for the dog that wants top perch on top.  The best possible home for your pet; designed first with your pet’s health in mind.  Well ventilated, easy to clean, raised floors and step in design.  Made using ECOFLEX®, a composite blend of reclaimed post-industrial poplar waste and by products plus both new and recycled polymers.  ECOFLEX based products outlast similar products by 2 to 1 or even 3 to 1.  ECOFLEX products don’t warp or splinter and can be painted or stained. they are covered by a . Easy 15 minute – no tool – assembly.

Since they are AllProof™, they are resistant to any and all natural causes of deterioration.  Will not go gray like inexpensive wood types will.  Flat roof, side door lodge style is perfect for pets that prefer to rest away from the door and/or like to sit on top of their house.

Size for dogs to 40 pounds.

  • 10 year warranty against both defect and deterioration
  • Tight, Solid construction provides a dog house that is insulated from the harsh winter elements
  • Easy to assemble, no tools required (assembly video included)
  • Elevated Legs keeps the  house off the cold, damp ground.
  • Offset doorway offers additional protect from weather.
  • Flow-through ventilation and elevated from the ground with step-in design
  • Doghouse size selection

    Dimensions   Recommended for dogs up to 50 pounds
    • Exterior
      36.2" L 28.9" w  25.8" h
    • Interior
      31.3"l  20.3"w  22"h
    • Door Size  14.7"tall  x 11.4" wide
    Additional Details

    ecoFLEX™:A blend of recycled polymers and wood byproducts, ecoFLEX is the best of both.ecoFLEX is made by: reducing clean, recycled polymers and reclaimed wood by products from the manufacture of hardwood furniture frames– materials that normally would be burned or dumped into a landfill is used to make a stronger than wood material.The material is mixed with pet-safe UV inhibitors and color blending compounds and used to mold the parts that are used to make an ecoFLEX based product.The recycled polymers used are primarily sourced from post manufacturing scrap. The wood component is predominantly Poplar, a hardwood.
    Outdoor Dog House -Mossy Oak
    Outdoor Dog House -Mossy Oak
    Outdoor Dog House -Mossy Oak
    Outdoor Dog House -Mossy Oak
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